Program Director Jobs In Dubai 2023 | Khalifa University

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Program Director Jobs In Dubai 2023 | Khalifa University

What is expected from you

  • Participate in annual student Orientations to inform students of available services.
  • Prepare an annual report to the CMHS Curriculum Committee describing intended and actual program outcomes.
  • Participate in developing strategic plans for Academic success across all CMHS programs (e.g. MD program, Pre-Medical Bridge Program).
  • Explore and develop Strategies for improving students’ learning styles.
  • Serve as an Ex-officio, Non-voting member of the CMHS Curriculum Committee.
  • Meet with students and designs study plans to support student Academic success.
  • Develop and Implement programs to support tutoring and learning strategies for a diverse student population.
  • Develop a study program for students who are on academic probation or are repeating an academic year in coordination with the CMHS Medical Student Promotions Committee.
  • Advise teachers, Learners and Relevant committees on common issues experienced by medical students that can impact Academic success.
  • Collaborate with and ensure Appropriate referrals to various support services within KU and the CMHS.


  • Proven Management Skills.
  • Expertise in working Collaboratively with faculty members and medicine professionals.
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills.
  • Thorough understanding of University structure and culture are essential.
  • Demonstrable ethical behavior.
  • Professionalism.

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