Solutions Analyst (Data Scientist) Jobs in Abu Dhabi

Etihad Airways

Solutions Analyst (Data Scientist) Jobs in Abu Dhabi

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1- Solutions Analyst (Data Scientist)
Job: Full Time
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE


Ops Research Specialist/Data Scientist that will contribute to the digital transformation process of Etihad’s Revenue Management area to transform it into a competitive advantage for the company. Implement data science models in areas of pricing, forecasting and optimization to drive incremental revenues and improve efficiency. Research and assess cutting edge technologies/models applied in the RM space and contribute to proof of concepts implementation. Responsible for implementation of new code releases of RM related systems and monitor the overall usage of the systems for effective usage.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Drive revenue and automation by developing advanced analytical models (descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive) and deploying them in the Pricing & RM ecosystem.
  • Develop and maintain calibration of pricing models, forecasting, and optimization parameters in Revenue Management systems for better forecast accuracy and effective O&D controls.
  • Develop and maintain revenue integrity business processes to identify and cancel PNRs for inventory violations and raise agent debit memos as per the Etihad’s policy. Co-develop and steer DIH / T&I system developments.
  • Monitor the revenue benefits of the Revenue Management solutions and provide monthly reports on revenue improvements and actionable insights.
  • Research on ways to enhance inventory functionalities in areas of availability calculation, reduce revenue dilution by enhancing or developing new Revenue Integrity processes, and availability troubleshooting diagnostics.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree Computer Science, Engineering, Statistics, Operations Research or Economics.
  • Professional with deep analytical skills with an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset
  • 2 to 3 years of relevant experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining Operations Research and/or Data Science models used in commercial/operational processes. Experience within the aviation industry in the areas of Revenue Management, Business Analytics would be preferred.
  • Experience in the usage of data science programming languages (R, Python) and cloud-based data warehouse (Azure synapse analytics, Google Big query, Snowflake).

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